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Who runs Asirikuy ?

My name is Daniel Fernandez. I am an experienced forex trader and programmer. I have always been concerned with the achievement of long term profitability in automated trading through the understanding of trading systems and the use of sound trading tactics.You can learn more about my work by reading my blog at MechanicalForex.com or by reading my publications in Currency Trader Magazine.





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The word asirikuy is derived from the ancient Quechua language of Peruvian, Bolivian an Colombian native tribes. The word asirikuy simply means "smile". Because that is what you get with long term profitability in automated trading... A smile. I created this website to serve as a portal of knowledge and information for all of us who seek realistic long term profits in the forex market using automated trading systems.

Asirikuy is a community of like-minded individuals who are not looking for a holy grail but who are seeking to learn from each other and become better algorithmic traders by doing so.

The goal of our communit is to provide you with tools and knowledge to take your algorithmic trading to the next level. Learn to easily create new system with high historical profitability without falling into common bias problems (without knowing how to code!), learn how to decide which systems to trade together, learn when to take systems offline and how to trade like a professional.

If you have any questions feel free to send me an email to dfernandezp (at) unal.edu.co.


What Asirikuy Offers:

  • An understanding. This website seeks to guide users into the depth of automated trading systems, how they work, how to design them and how to trade them.
  • A sound approach: Asirikuy is NOT about reviewing or evaluating strategies. Asirikuy is about becoming a trader, creating your own systems and learning what works and what does not from both theoretical and practical experiments.
  • Confidence. The knowledge you will adquire in Asirikuy will help you become long term profitable in the world of forex automated trading systems. Having knowledge will make you confident and being confident is one of the most important aspects in long term profitable trading.
  • Tools for development and analysis. One of the most important benefits of our community is the large array of tools available for you as a trader. You will get access to powerful cross-platform tools for system analysis, design and trading. Our F4 programming framework will allow you to design systems to work on MT4/MT5/Oanda/JForex (code once, trade on any of these platforms), our ASTA program will allow you to analyse your strategy results and Kantu can be used to create trading systems using an automated design approach (data-mining). 
  • Training Videos, Documents, Wiki, etc. Our techniques, tool usage and general knowledge are documented in videos, pdf files and a wiki where you will be able to learn how you can create your own algorithmic systems, evaluate their worst cases, simulate them accurately, design portfolios and finally trade them with real money.

  • One on One assitance. I will personally assist you in your quest towards automated trading system profitability. I am genuinely concerned about the profitability of my fellow traders and I will help you get there.